NOSE GEAR. Wheel Installation #4


While installing the fork on the strut, I noticed that the wheel would rotate freely at 90 degrees from the fuselage's center line but presented a lot of resistance to lateral movement when in line with it. Upon disassembly and close inspection, the fork's bushing showed friction marks on the aft area of both edges with the wheel oriented in a straight position. Also, the strut's bend right above the flange inserted slightly into the strut's section below it and the flange was very slightly off from perpendicular to the strut's section under the flange, for the same reason. This explained why the resistance and the marks made to the bushing when forcing rotation from the in-line wheel's position. I wet-sanded (400) the aft area of the strut, right below the flange and the marked bushing's edges a bit, and then polished them and the entire strut surface below the flange with 0000 steel wool. I reassembled the lubricated parts but couldn't notice any significant difference.

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