NOSE GEAR. Rubber Bumper Modification. Strut and Captivator Installation #1


I inserted a couple of wide area washers between the aluminum spacer and the rubber shock on the bottom to increase compression and ensure that the strut be tight in place against the captivator. This gave me about 5/16” to 3/8” spacing at the bottom of the bumper. I then installed the nose strut and the captivator in place. I had to place 140 lbs of weights in the nose compartment to compress the rubber shock enough to allow installation of the captivator back in place. Be advised that I only needed 140 pounds of weight on the nose because my fuselage was empty, the wings were off and my engine was still not mounted on the firewall at this time. I am sure that retrofit installation on a flying Velocity requires much more weight on the nose to allow re-installation of the captivator.

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