OVERHEAD PLENUM. Plenum Installation #1


I sanded, primed and filled the plenum as needed. I installed a 3/8” plastic hose inside to feed the wiring for the reading lamps and kept it in place with fiberglass strips. I removed foam between the plenum and the overhead panel, glassing over it and making a channel for the plastic hose. The hose extended into the overhead panel in the front and exited the plenum in the back. I marked the position of the rivet holes around the plenum’s edge. I positioned the plenum in place, traced the contour and drilled four pilot rivet holes; two in the front and two in the back. I sanded the inner skin about one inch inside the contour marking and cleaned the area with denatured alcohol. I placed flox on the fuselage and a very thin coat on the plenum’s flange. I placed toothpicks in the four pilot rivet holes.

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