FUEL SUMP TANK. Hard Points Body


I installed the hard points per the manual. Since I did not have an engine at the time, I installed a return point in case I ended up installing a Continental. During tapping of the hard points, I noticed delamination of an area of epoxy surrounding the last hard point installed. I am not sure of the cause for this. I may have not prepared the surface properly, the epoxy hardener might have gone bad, as I found out later. or the epoxy was already curing when I used it. In any case, I removed all the delaminated lay-up and reinstalled the hard point. I then decided to level the area with microglass and cover the internal sump tank surface with one ply of fine BID and finish with peel ply on the overlapping edges. Although a little heavier, I am confident this will maintain the integrity of the internal sump tank’s surface. I relocated the vent line to the top of tank and installed the low fuel warning sensor as high as possible in an attempt to avoid trapping air at the top and false low fuel warnings. Any unnecessary tapped hard points I will seal later.

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