STRAKES. Tank Pressure Test #2


I attached the shop vacuum to the filler cap access to create a vacuum, warmed up the leak area with a heat gun and started applying droplets of EZPoxy on the area with the tip of a small mixing stick. I also applied epoxy to the nearby cleco hole and noticed it also sucked epoxy through it. I warmed up every so often and kept applying epoxy until no more was being suck. I let it cure for 12 hours and tested for pressure again. This time, it held pressure for 72 hours. I was happy at least with the location of the leak because it made it very easy to fix. NOTE: The factory recommends pressure testing after all glassing of the bulkheads is completed but because I had flanges all around I did not intend to further glass the tank. Otherwise, the actual installation of the top shell turned out flawless but not without a lot of assistance.

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