STRAKES. Glassing Upper Main Spar Cap-Top Strake Junction #6


I peeled about two inches of the plastic from underneath the cloth (lay-up) and duct-taped the edge of the plastic to the edge of another 3-foot ruler. I then rested the lay-up on top of the ruler, leaving the 2 inches of lay-up without plastic, hanging past the end of the ruler. I laid the lay-up overhang (without plastic) in place and by slowly pulling the ruler it was resting on, I started removing the plastic from under the lay-up, laying it in place in the process. The use of plastic underneath and peel ply on top kept the lay-up from deforming and helped maintain its dimensions. l then used the long brush to push firmly in place and eliminate possible air bubbles. Links to videos showing this process are available on the page.

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