MAIN GEAR. Leg-Fuselage Fairing #1


The fuselage main gear fairings were trimmed to fit with a coarse sanding disk in the air grinder.


I don’t like the idea of using silicone to install any parts on the surface. I installed the outboard wing bolt access covers with #4 ½ inch stainless steel sheet metal screws. I removed the screws and used a drop of cyanoacrylate to harden the holes. If necessary, I will drill an oversize hole, fill it with FLOX and reinstall the covers with the same screws.


I made a more stylish counterweight fairing to use as a positive mold for making mine. I covered it with electrical tape and laid 3 layers of BID and peel ply on top. Although heavier than those provided by the factory, I prefer them more rugged and will glass them permanently instead of attaching them with silicone.

OIL DOOR (1) (2) (3) (4)

I drew the circle with a compass and scored the surface to use as a guide for the handsaw. I cut off the door with the handsaw and sanded with medium sandpaper. I then grinded the space for the latch and attached it. I cut the hinge and installed it with clecos. I duct-taped the sides and laid glass to form the flanges. I removed the door, trimmed the flanges and permanently installed the door with flush rivets.

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