Lycoming engines require installation of a rear oil cooler in the Velocity. I trimmed and assembled the bracket, adjusting the parts to adapt to the oil cooler supplied by the factory in the installation kit. I like to use a thin film of J.B. Weld on all metal surfaces before riveting metal parts together. I believe this adds strength to the joints. As usual, I cleaned any excess off with denatured alcohol and the help of paper towels.

2. Rear Oil Cooler Installation (1)

I attached the bracket to the cooler and confronted the engine on the firewall to determine clearance for the location of some of the components, including the rear oil cooler. I installed the fittings on the cooler with Titeseal and attached it to the firewall with AN3 bolts.

3. Rear Oil Cooler Lines (1)

I fabricated the rear oil line from the fitting to the rear cooler with aluminum tubing and covered it with fireshield hose. I connected the front and rear oil coolers to the engine completing the oil cooling system. These were made with flexible hoses and fittings, and were fire-shielded as well.

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