I thought it would be easier to do this while the fuselage was upside down. The window frames supplied with the kit were longer than the windows installed in the Fast Build fuselage. I matched the frames with my windows and determined that I would need to cut the supplied frames only on the top and the bottom to fit. I decided on a ¾” flange and marked a line around the frame. I cut most of the excess material with a cut-off wheel, grinded to the marked line with a 36 sanding wheel on the right angle grinder and finished with sanding block (80 grit). I cut the frames on the top and the bottom segments. I placed the fore section of the frame against the inside of the window and with a fluorescent light on the outside, marked the perimeter of the window. This method allowed me to determine how wide the frame should be to properly cover the window edges, one and 5/8 inches wide in my case, and marked the inner frame line. I cut the inner edge of the frame and placed sheet metal screws through the center of the flange, as needed, to keep the frame section in place and the flange against the inner skin around the window.

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