STRAKE WINDOWS. Strake Hole Preparation


Outside visibility for rear passengers in the Velocity is not great because it is blocked by the strakes and the windows are placed high on the fuselage. Therefore, I decided to do what many have done and placed windows on the strake storage space for the rear passengers. I installed these windows using the same installation process used for the other windows. I cut and formed the acrylic pieces while the fuselage was upside down. I protected the acrylic pieces with masking tape and used them to trace the outline of the holes. I then traced a second outline 3/8" inside of it. I cut the inner skin with a Dremel and finished the edges with a 36 grit sanding disc and 150 grit sandpaper. I removed all the foam and sanded the inner surface perimeter of the outer skin. I shaped the removed inner skin to the smaller outline I had drawn on it and used it as a template for the smaller hole on the outer skin. I then cut the outer skin and finished the edges of the hole.

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