CENTER KEEL CONTROLS. Aileron Trim System (Drop-Down Keel Controls (XL-5) #3


I have read and heard repeatedly about the cord slipping on the capstan of our aileron trim motor. The cord slips because the capstan has too smooth a surface so I am guessing that by rubberizing the surface, getting four turns of the cord around it, and sufficiently tightening the springs, there should be no slippage. For this I used Plasti Dip Multi-Purpose Rubber Spray Coating, a flexible coating that allegedly provides non-slip control and resists abrasion. It is the same compound sold to plastisize or rubberize tool handles but in a spray can. In any case, it has to be a better gripping surface than without it. I sanded the capstan surface, wiped it clean with acetone and sprayed two light coats 40 minutes apart.

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