ELEVATOR. Hinge Installation #4


I disassembled and polished them before permanent installation. With the elevators jigged in place against the canard, I positioned the elevator portion of the two outboard hinges on the elevators, drilled the rivet holes and kept them temporarily in place with unused rivets. I then ran a laser point through both and drilled the holes for each one of the inboard hinges of each elevator, making sure all the hinges were centered with the laser. I repeated the process for drilling the rivet holes of the middle hinges by running the laser point through the inboard and outboard hinges of each elevator and adjusting their position so they remained centered with the laser point. I sanded the corresponding elevator area to receive the hinges. I used Aeropoxy for permanent installation, riveted the hinges to the elevators and cleaned all the excess epoxy with denatured alcohol.

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